Site Update

It has been almost three years since I posted anything here. I've decided to revive my blog and do some updates here and there. I got a new domain instead of the old one and now the site supports the https protocol (thanks to Let's Encrypt). I was using Pelican to generate my blog. However, this time I've decided to go with Nikola, mainly for two reasons:

  1. Nikola has good Org mode support,
  2. Nikola has good multilingual support.

I've been using Spacemacs (An Emacs distribution) to do most of my work for the past two to three years now and I wanted to make publishing new posts as easy as possible. So after trying some ideas and workflows, I've settled on using Nikola with Org mode. Also, I'm planning to publish (hopefully) every post in English and Arabic, so Nikola support for multilingual blogs was a must for me.

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