Academic Phrases

This is a little web app that I made using ClojureScript as a web interface for my Emacs package academic-phrases (You can install the package from MELPA).

Elm Koans (video series)

This is a video series on YouTube of me solving Elm Koans.


This is a smart home simulator that I built with Python and Blender for my PhD work. The code is available on GitHub under the GPL License. The simulator has a Journal Article published at Sensors Journal.

Spacemacs Logo

I created the logo of the popular Spacemacs distribution. Spacemacs is a community-driven Emacs distribution.

Spacemacs Theme

I created and maintain official theme of Spacemacs (You can install the package from MELPA).

Trip Balance

This is a little Javascript app that I created to solve a little problem that me and my friends had. Sometimes we go on trips, and to make the expenses of these trips divided equally on all participants, this app was born.